Monday, February 28, 2011

ABC's According to Anna Claire

A-Anna Claire of course. I love to get bags, outfits, and stuff for her room monogrammed so she already knows what her name looks like.
B-Blue's Clues, Bubble Baths, Cowboy Boots, Bike, Baby dolls
C-Cookies, Candy, Cupcakes, Chocolate Milk, Chicken nuggets, Cookie Monster, Christmas (everything about it, yep that's my girl)
D-Daddy, Doggies, Dip (she loves ranch, honey mustard, ketchup, salsa, etc.)

F-French fries and Fannie Mae (our boxer, named after my great grandmother

G-Gummy bears
H-Huey (our English bull dog) and horses

I-Ice Cream (just like her Daddy) and Icing
J-Jackson (she takes up for him in the nursery at church)
K-Her play Kitchen, Klove (it is so cute to hear her sing in the Yukon)
L-Leah (her best friend), Lip gloss, Her Leapfrog Lap Top

M-Mommy and Movies (she really likes the Wizard of Oz)
O-Spaghetti Os
P-Pocketbooks, Pool, Pizza, Phones, Pearls, Play dough

Q-She calls ducks "Quack Quacks"
R-Red (her favorite color like her Daddy)
S-Scottie, Swings, Slides, Shoes, Scooby Doo, Strawberry Milk
T-Tea parties, Sweet T, Toothbrush
U-The Uhl's
V-to Vacuum
W-The Wizard of Oz
X- I have no ideas here :)

Can't wait to do this for Jackson!

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  1. Love it! You will be so glad you wrote all this down! I have my blog done in a book at the end of each year!! Love having the books!