Friday, July 22, 2011

What a busy summer so far!

After our beach trip and Jackson's birthday, we celebrated a lot more!

1. Father's Day- Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We love you so much! I made Nic and Jackson dress alike for church. Don't they look so happy! We even talked Nic into wearing this tie! Which is a miracle because Nic doesn't normally wear ties with "stuff" on it! It says, "Greatest Dad Ever!"

2. Nic's Birthday-Poor guy, I promised him homemade ice cream and just got around to making it a few days ago! Ice cream is his favorite thing in the whole world. Now, both kids LOVE it. I have to admit after marrying him, I also love it now.  I'm more of a cookie person, but I have one of those plug in ice cream makers that do NOT require salt and ice and I have to say, "It is the BOMB!" Happy birthday daddy sorry we have to celebrate your birthday with Father's Day every year. I feel like you are being robbed a day! Love you!

3. Anna Claire's Birthday- We had a great time with family and friends. "Doggies" was the theme she picked out. It was so much fun! I made dog cupcakes. Which took forever to make! We had Scooby Doo cookies in dog bowls for each table. I found one dog balloon at Harris Teeter! Thanks Harris Teeter for helping me out on that one. All of the party supplies had different kinds of doggies on them and AC loved it! She smiled so big when we sang Happy birthday.  She normally would hide but not this time she just giggled! It was so cute! Thanks to everyone that came you made her day!!!!!!!! And she loves the Snow White dress Scottie gave her she wants to wear it everyday!
                                                             The flowers Nic bought AC for her b-day

4. We have a big surprise....... BABY INGLE #3 is due Dec 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nic's grandpa's birthday) We are very excited. I wanted to add one more crazy kid to the family. Glad Nic agreed. :) Need a name. Don't know yet if it is a boy or girl but can't wait to find out. I'm ready though. I kept all my baby stuff from AC and Jackson! If you ever wonder if dreams come true, call me! They do come true! When a Dr. tells you that you probably will not have children and then you end up with three like me....yep Doctors don't know what a big GOD I serve! And maybe this one will look like me?
The day we brought AC home :)

The day we brought JW home:)

5.Anna Claire took swimming lessons from my sweet friend Janet. Yep jumping off diving board at 3 years old. I would have never done that when I was 3! I was so proud of her. Our sweet friends, The Tate's, came to watch her on "Show Off" day. GGGGGGOOOOOOO AC! Now when she is taking a bath she teaches me what Janet taught her! Too Cute!! If you want your kids to swim next summer, visit Janet's website to sign up. It is worth the money! Swimming is such a life skill!

       I left the sad news for last......our sweet english bulldog passed away last week :( I miss him so much.  He was the best dog.  AC drove him crazy and he just let her. I loved the way he would look at me when he knew he was in trouble! I loved the way he always wanted to be with me. I loved his fat face that only a mother could love. If I had to do it again, I would give him more treats, hugs, and pats on the head. The Ingle Family misses him so much!!!!!!!!! So say alittle prayer for us we are still sad. It just doesn't feel right coming home and not being tackled by a 70 lb puppy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

Okay, I have a lot of excuses why I haven't blogged in a long time. So here they go:

1. MOVED! Gone country, back to my roots! Western school district! Go Warriors! Yep we bought a house out in the country! Just call our new place the Ingle Farm:
  • Horses, chickens, frogs, fish, bugs, lots of bugs, beautiful flowers!  
  • Fishing pond
  • 2 barns
  • 2 garages (lots of storage)
  • 13 acres (lots for Nic to mow)
  • Screened in back porch (something I have always wanted)
  • Big living room for the kids to play and play
  • All we need is a POOL (working on Nic :)
Moving with 2 small kids = lots of work!

3863 Jimmy Bowles_1.JPG

2. Beach trip! We had a blast! Can't wait to do it again! My sweet friend Amber  (check her out on Facebook Jade and Jewel Photography) came and took some family pics. Something else I have always wanted! AC loved the sand this year! JW didn't, maybe next year!

3. Jackson's first birthday!
  • He loved his cake!
  • He loved his gifts!
  • He is such a precious thing! Can't believe he is one!
  • We love his "laid back" nature!
  • He isn't walking yet, but taking a few steps!
  • He is so much fun!

4. Started making Cakes!

  • Something else I have always wanted to do!
  • Not good yet but I'm learning!
  • Thanks friends and family for being my guinea pigs!


5. Teaching Summer School!
  • I love my job!
  • Thanks students for also being my guinea pigs!
6. It's summer!
  • Does that count?
Okay,so done with my excuses. I will be a better blogger from now on!

Coming UP: Father's Day, Nic's Bday, AC bday, remodeling my kitchen, and the list continues!

Love reading everyone's blogs :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

ABC's According to Anna Claire

A-Anna Claire of course. I love to get bags, outfits, and stuff for her room monogrammed so she already knows what her name looks like.
B-Blue's Clues, Bubble Baths, Cowboy Boots, Bike, Baby dolls
C-Cookies, Candy, Cupcakes, Chocolate Milk, Chicken nuggets, Cookie Monster, Christmas (everything about it, yep that's my girl)
D-Daddy, Doggies, Dip (she loves ranch, honey mustard, ketchup, salsa, etc.)

F-French fries and Fannie Mae (our boxer, named after my great grandmother

G-Gummy bears
H-Huey (our English bull dog) and horses

I-Ice Cream (just like her Daddy) and Icing
J-Jackson (she takes up for him in the nursery at church)
K-Her play Kitchen, Klove (it is so cute to hear her sing in the Yukon)
L-Leah (her best friend), Lip gloss, Her Leapfrog Lap Top

M-Mommy and Movies (she really likes the Wizard of Oz)
O-Spaghetti Os
P-Pocketbooks, Pool, Pizza, Phones, Pearls, Play dough

Q-She calls ducks "Quack Quacks"
R-Red (her favorite color like her Daddy)
S-Scottie, Swings, Slides, Shoes, Scooby Doo, Strawberry Milk
T-Tea parties, Sweet T, Toothbrush
U-The Uhl's
V-to Vacuum
W-The Wizard of Oz
X- I have no ideas here :)

Can't wait to do this for Jackson!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

...But the greatest of these is love...

Ten Things That Anna Claire Loves
1. Doggies- She loves our dogs (a boxer and an english bulldog)! She loves anything that has dogs on it! She loves Blue Clues. She loves Scooby Doo. She loves to go shopping for dog food, treats, and toys! She loves to see the "Target" Dog at Target (She yells every time "Doggie!" and everyone around laughs!) She loves Clifford. She loves movies with doggies in them, for example, The Wizard of Oz. I think she might become a vet.
2. Chocolate or Strawberry Milk- Everyday she will request one or the other in the morning and before bed. We are working learning colors and she calls brown items chocolate! Too cute!
3. Ice Cream- She got this from her Daddy. He likes to eat a cup of ice cream before bed every night. I have no idea how he stays so thin! This is her love too! One time at Chick fil a I asked her what she would like to drink and she said "ice cream"!
4. Babies- Since I had Jackson she loves to play with her babies. She has a Vera B diaper bag with all of her babies needs in it (I have no idea where she gets that from, LOL.) She feeds them, changes them, plays ride little horsie with them, etc. I love it! I find them sitting in Jackson's bouncer, swing, car seat, high chair, etc all the time (strapped in of course). She is a good Mommy! She names them Baby Jesus or Becki!
5. Elmo-Need I say more.
6. Lip gloss-She loves to put some on everyday. Her favorite is cotton candy flavor.
7. Books-She already has a great love of books! Yes! I have an attic full for her to read! Yay! Her favorite books are about doggies!
8. Friends-She is very social! She will ask every day "Are we going to see _______?" Fill in the blank with her friends names......Leah, Seth, Scottie, Janet, Ava, Brogan, Becki, Wesley, Macon, Denise, etc.
9. Candy- Yep she loves it! All kinds! Her favorite right now is TicTacs. One night she got out of bed, got a pack out of my pocketbook and ate them all. She had very fresh breath we went to check on her!
10. Daddy-She gets so excited when I tell her that Daddy is almost home. It is sweet to see them hug when he gets home. Soon when Jackson can walk, Nic better watch out he will have two little ones attached to his legs.

Ten Things That Jackson Loves

1. Mommy-Yep he is a Moma's boy! Woohoo! I love it! He always wants me!
2. Ice Cream-Nic started giving him ice cream pretty early also. He goes nuts when he sees Nic's cup.
3. Anna Claire- He laughs at everything she does. This is going to get him in trouble some day!
4. Doggies- Anna Claire has started something. He loves to sit in the floor near Bubba (Huey)!
5. Baby food-He likes the veggies. Weird, right?
6. Baby puffs-He has 7 teeth! Loves the apple ones.
7. Mashed potatoes- He loves to get a little something from our plates!
8. His Blanket-He rubs his face with it! Too cute!
9. Daddy- He kicks his legs every time he sees Nic! He likes to play rough already!
10. Nic's Hats- He always tries to get it off his head!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This New Year

I heard this the other day and thought "Yep, that is going to be the focus of my thinking for the whole year."
Instead of complaining about washing, dying folding clothes...I'm going to be thankful that we have nice clothes to wear and I can wash and dry them any time I want.

Instead of complaining about washing dishes (well loading the dishwasher)...I'm going to be thankful we have food to eat and I have a sweet family to cook for.

Instead of complaining that I never (I mean NEVER) get a minute alone...I'm going to be thankful I have two precious children that love me and want to be with me always.

Instead of complaining that the car needs repairs or something we own needs work...I'm going to be thankful that we have a car and have stuff that breaks. (part of life right?)

I'm so blessed I have a beautiful family, the things that I need, an awesome church family,.....I couldn't ask for anything more!

New attitude for 2011! No whining! Wish my students would catch on to this also! :)

Hope everyone has a great start to 2011!

Baby Jackson 7 months old

Anna Claire 2 years old